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About How to apply

1.  Q: How can I apply the universities in China?

     A: You can apply for the courses on ELIC Online Application System. 

         For more please click  How to Apply

2.  Q: What are the materials/documents I need to prepare for the application?

     AHere are the basic materials/documents as follow:

   High school graduate certificate or testimonials;

   High school transcripts/results;

   Personal resume 

   Sponsorship letter;

   Valid passport;

   Physical examination (if required by the Chinese embassy)

   Bachelor degree certificate (for master degree application)



About Choosing a course

1.  Q: Do I need to take an entrance examination of the target university?

     A: Normally, most of the universities do not establish the entrance 

         examination to the applicant.

2.  Q: Does the university need the IELTS or TOEFL scores?

     A: Most of the universities do not need IELTS OR TOEFL for the application.

3.  Q: What are the application requirements of the course?

     A: As for the bachelor, the requirements are:

   Healthy body state; 17-25 years old, sponsor; and the high school graduate certificate

   As for the master/doctor, the requirements are:

   Healthy body state; within 40 years old; sponsor; bachelor’s graduate certificate

4.  Q: When I can start to apply?

     A: For spring intake: the applicant time is from October to the February of the next year.

   For autumn intake: the applicant time is from April to August. 

   Please note: as the vacancies of each university are limited, the earlier application is 

   started,the better.

5.  Q: How many years of Chinese university system?

     A: For the engineering or business bachelor degree, it is 4 years study and for the 

         medicine bachelor, it is 5-6 years. For the master degree, it is .2-3 years.

6.  Q: How long can I get the admission letter after submitting the application?

     A: Normally, it will take about 5-10 working days after we confirmed your application 

         payment, and you will see your admission letter in your ELIC account.

7.  Q: If I am not satisfied with the applied university, can ELIC help me to transfer to another university?

     A: Yes, we can. But we only can help you transfer to the universities which can accept 

         the transfer students. But your need to pay transfer fee and maybe you need to start 

         study from the first year of the university.

8.  Q: Whether the graduation certificate got in Chinese university can be recognized worldwide.

     A: Yes, it is. The entire course was taught in English and it certainly will be recognized 

         worldwide. For example, the medicine certificate is recognized by the WHO, LRCS and 

         the consulates of many countries. The engineering certificate is also recognized by the 

         consulates of many countries in the world.

9.  Q: Do I need to pay the deposit of the tuition fee?

     A: As to some university in there, you need pay the tuition to exchange for the admission 

         offer.But it is no need for most of the universities in China and you can pay the tuition 

         after your arrival.

10. Q: Should I pay up the tuition before I got to the university?

A: Most of the universities in China will permit you to pay the tuition after your arrival and 

    then finish the register and enrollment. But part of them need you pay the tuition before  

    sending you the admission letter, especially for the students from Nigeria.

11.  Q: Should I pay the tuition and accommodation costs of Chinese university per year or per semester?

A: They will be paid per year. And you only can continue the study in the next year after you 

     pay the tuition and the accommodation for the year. If you cannot pay them on time, 

     the university will not allow you studying in there anymore.


About ELIC service

1.  Q: How can I complete the payment online?

     A: You can use the PayPal to complete the online payment. If you do not know how to use it,

         please check Ways of Payment

2.  Q: If I do not have the Paypal, what can I do to complete the payment?

     A: You can go to bank or Western Union to remit the money to us. If you do not know how 

         to do please check Ways of Payment

3.  Q: How much ELIC will charge and what is the break down?

      A: We only charge about 500-1000 USD around which involve your application fee, postal 

          fee, admission letter fee,Visa letter fee (Jw202 fee),provide guidance for visa application, 

          and help you to contact the university for arrival and registration.

          If you also want ELIC Advanced Service, in admission with airport pick up, accommodation  

          booking arrangement, residence permit consulting, ELIC will charge 2000 USD .


4.  Q: If the application is refused by the university, will ELIC refund my money?\

     A: Yes, we will refund you the service charge but the application fee will not be refunded for 

         they have been charged by the university. However, if you do not ask for the service 

         fee refund, we can help you apply for another university for FREE.

5.  Q: If my application is accepted but I cannot get the visa or give up my admission. 

          In this case, will ELIC refund my money?

     A: It will not be refunded. It is because that we have helped you get the admission, if you 

         cannot entrance into China or give up your admission, it is your own responsibility.

6.  Q: Can ELIC guarantee that my application can be accepted by the target university?

     A: We cannot guarantee it 100%. But for some specific universities, if your documents 

         are proper, we can grantee the admission.


About Life in China

1.  Q: How can I apply for the visa?

     A: You can apply for it from the Chinese embassy in your country. If you are not in your 

         own country, you can apply for it from the local Chinese embassy.

2.  Q: Are there many international students in Chinese universities?

     A: Yes. A great many international students are studying in here. It is close to 300,000 

        and this number is increasing now.

3.  Q: How much is the living expense in China per year?

     A: It is very cheap to live in China. Food, accommodation fee and some other living 

         expenses cannot be over 2000$  every year.

4.  Q: Can I find some part-time job in China?

     A: Currently, it is illegal for the international students to take a part-time job in China. 

         But according to the official information, it will be soon to legalize it.

5.  Q: Can I watch the satellite TV in China?

     A: Yes, you can watch all of the world’s TV show in here, such as the NBA, the English 

         premier league, BBC, CNN and so on.

6.  Q: When is the holiday duration of Chinese university and how long?

     A: There are two big vacations for Chinese school every year. The one is the winter 

         vacation which sustains about 4-5 weeks from the end of the January to the end 

         of the February. The other one is the summer vacation which sustains about 8-10 

         weeks from July to September. In addition, there are some other vacations such 

         as the May Day (7 days), the National Day(7 days) and so on.

About Scholarship

1.  Q: Does the university offer the scholarship in China?

     A: Yes. But it is only for the excellent students. If you can have a really great performance 

         and a very good score, you will have a big opportunity to obtain it. But ELIC cannot supply 

         the scholarship program.

2.  Q: How can I apply the scholarship? 

     A: Every year, there are a great many applicants for the scholarship and the completion is 

         very fierce. The winning probability is only 1%.But you can apply for it through…..