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Ways of Payment


We ELIC will only process your application after you finish the payment for application.

When you finish the payment, please kindly send the scan of the payment receipt to

ELIC don’t collect university’s tuition fee and accommodation fee. Please pay them to university directly when you arrive.

Please make the payment to the following accounts; we don’t have any other accounts.  

If you have any difficulties to finish the payment, please call +8618561379725 or send email to



1. Bank Transfer (T/T) in China

2. Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas 

3. Western Union

4. PayPal



Way 1: Bank Transfer (T/T) in China 

Applicants who are currently in China can do a direct bank transfer to pay the application fees in CNY. Transferring money through a Chinese bank or ATM is fast and easy. If you are in China or your friend is in China. It is good for you to choose this way, please take the following bank information (written in Chinese) with you or your friend when going to the bank. The banking system needs 1 working day to confirm the payment. When you finish the payment, please send the payment receipt scan to

银行信息 (Bank Details)  
账户(Account Name):青岛爱立克国际商务咨询服务有限公司 
账号(Account Number):600867398
账户(Account Name):李萌 
账号(Account Number):6217 8560 0002 9952 677
开户行(Bank):Bank of China, Shandong Branch



Way 2: Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas

Overseas applicants can pay the application fee in US dollars by a bank transfer.
Always remember to bring your government-issued identification card or other supporting documents.
The banking system needs 5-8 working days to confirm an overseas payment. When you finish the payment, please send the payment receipt scan to

ELIC Bank Details:
Account Name: ELIC International Business Co. Ltd. (Qingdao)
Account No.: 600999595
Name of the Bank: China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.,Qingdao Branch, QINGDAO CHINA

Swift code: MSBCCNBJ027


ELIC CEO's Bank Details (fast and small bank charges)


Swift Code: CMBCCNBS


Beneficiary Name: MENG (given name ) LI (family name)
Account No.: 6225 8858 2350 8775

Bank address: China Merchants Bank Tower NO.7088 Shennan Boulevard,Shenzhen,China

Way 3: Western Union (Fast and Safe)

We strong recommend you to use Western Union to finish the payment. It is fast and sate.

You can go to the nearest Western Union service provider. You are required to complete the form provided and show your government-issued identification card or other supporting documents to the service provider. After having confirmed all the details printed on the receipt are right and true, you will be asked to sign a receipt. One of the details printed on the receipt is your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).Please keep the payment receipt safely, and send the scan to

Beneficiary Information:

Destination Country :China

First name/Given name: MENG
Last name/Family name: LI

Way 4 MoneyGram


We also suggest you to use MoneyGram to send money, which is fast and safe. Kindly go to your local MoneyGram branch with your passport or NRC. Please send back the payment receipt to when you finish the payment. Keep the Reference Number very safely.


Beneficiary Information:

Destination Country: China

First name/Given name: MENG
Last name/Family name: LI


Way 5: PayPal

We also welcome you to finish the payment online by using PayPal. Visit PayPal offical website: .Please send application fees to ELIC PayPal accont. Please send the transactions details to

ELIC PayPal Account: ELIC8888@YAHOO.COM