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Students’ Union

Each university in China has its own students’ union. Students’ union is led by students for the benefits and interests of students. It runs to represent your voice on issues at local, national and international level. Student’s union makes a real difference to the quality of life of each and every student. Students’ union holds several social activities as well as performances every year. As international students, you are particularly welcomed. By participating in the activities held by students’ union, you will definitely get to know more friends from both China and abroad.

(International students are making dumplings on Chinese Spring Festival)

(Students’ Performance)

(International students are learning traditional Chinese handwriting)

(International students go hiking with Chinese students)

Restaurant & Bars
Near the university, there is a wide range of places to eat and drink that cater for every taste. Whether you want to grab a quick sandwich, a cup of coffee and slice of cake, or take a more leisurely lunch with friends – you'll find it all.

Convenient stores are available in most universities, where you can buy most of the things you need in daily life at a very low price. Supermarket and shopping mall are usually in the downtown. It will be very convenient whether you get there by bus or by taxi.
 (University Store)